Logistics Company
Logistics and transportation of International Container Cargo ship in the ocean

Ali Transportation provides transportation to hundreds of loyal customers across the East Coast, delivering only the most professional transportation services.

At Ali Transportation, we are customer-focused. Above all, we are emotionally, physically, and financially invested in our transportation relationships.

  • Customers are first
  • Consistency is key
  • Employment with us is enjoyable
  • Safety is a primary concern
  • Trucking Company Logistics


Most companies, especially in the industry of transportation, are entirely focused on the profit of the business rather than the customer experience. The team at Ali Transportation focuses on their customer experience, the safety and security of the process, and the overall service provided in both an efficient and cost-effective manner. In our growth, we desire to provide logistical services and support to our customers as they grow with us. Creating alliances with customers, we are able to provide consistent, efficient, and economical transportation to accomplish our goals and objectives.


We’re very mindful of our customers and their associated needs, and we pursue every effort to understand the expectations and demands of all our customers, both individually and as a whole. Often, our customers provide suggestions to make our service better and those suggestions are highly valued and often implemented.